Why invest in Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the oldest capitals in Europe with Athens in Greece. It is built on 7 hills and enjoys a mild climate and a cost of living that is among the lowest in Europe. In addition to the excellence of its seafood, pastries and famous Pastel del Nata, Lisbon is often neglected. Today, more and more young talents and retirees are attracted by its mild climate and relaxed atmosphere, once again propelling Lisbon onto the international scene. While Paris, London, Berlin and Rome are the most culturally recognized cities, Lisbon is a unique and complex city and choosing this destination is not an easy task despite its increasing popularity. Often compared as the European San Francisco, Lisbon is undergoing a transformation. The city is very hilly. The architecture perfectly harmonizes the old and the new. In addition, Lisbon attracts many young talents, which allows it to be recognized as a creative city. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for young artists who want to live a bohemian life. Small independent shops appear around the city. Lisbon is also ideal for an older population looking for sun and beaches while staying close to the city. The buildings are bright and colorful, reflecting their heritage and culture. Coffee shops are very popular in Lisbon and young entrepreneurs are also opening new restaurants, which add a certain culinary culture to the city. The vibrant atmosphere is however very relaxed and unpretentious, it is certainly the most interesting European capital of the coming years.

Expert advice

The residency program for non-residents set up by the Portuguese government offers the right to anyone to invest more than 500,000€ in a property. After six years, you can apply for Portuguese nationality. This program also provides tax exemption for people with a certain income. To attract more and more foreign investors, East-banc buys properties and invests 50,000,000€ to create a very interesting residential development. This development is located in the Príncipe Real district. The price of the properties starts at 1,500,000€.

The real estate market in Lisbon

The price of properties for sale in Lisbon has increased by 4% between 2016 and 2017. With the Euro, real estate has appreciated in value. Portugal and especially Lisbon have an excellent real estate market that offers a good value for money. For this reason, Portugal has the highest owner-occupation rate with about 70% of the population owning their own homes. Unlike many European capitals that have become unaffordable, Lisbon allows everyone to buy a property in the center or in a central district. Lisbon is the ideal city to invest in real estate thanks to its many properties for sale. Most buyers in Lisbon are French or Scandinavian and have a second home there. They therefore benefit from low taxes and a very affordable cost of living for a city of this size.

The transportation

By Train The city is also connected to a network of trains that criss-cross Europe. Reaching the city of Madrid, Paris or even London is possible, if time is not a problem. By Plane The city's largest international airport is Portela Airport, which is located between the cities of Loures and Lisbon. The main airlines land at this airport including Low-cost airlines. Flights are daily and frequent. The airport is very close to the city center and is very easy to reach.

The Portuguese climate

Spring / Summer Summers in Lisbon are extremely hot and dry; the Gulf Stream gives the city a milder climate than the rest of Europe. Summer lasts for about six months. The average temperature during the summer is 24°C, with July being the hottest month. Summers bring more sunshine to Lisbon than to Madrid, Rome or Athens. However, as the city is close to the ocean, there is wind and a cool, dry atmosphere all year round. Autumn / Winter Temperatures drop in winter but it rarely freezes. The average temperature for the coldest month is 11°C (January), generally in November, March and April temperatures are above 20°C.
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