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A Unique Holiday: Villa Rentals in Ramatuelle’s Most Unusual Properties

For those seeking a luxurious and unforgettable holiday experience, villa rentals in Ramatuelle‘s most unusual properties offer a unique way to enjoy this stunning, picturesque town on the French Riviera. With its sparkling blue waters, pristine sandy beaches, and charming…

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In which district you should stay in Oxford?

Going to visit or settling in Oxford, the very archetype of the city of knowledge? Here is our guide to the best places to stay in Oxford! Oxford, nicknamed “the city of dreaming spires”, is a mirror of British culture…

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Office rental: how to keep your good tenants

You have already decided that you want to rent a workspace. This is why we propose to optimize your chances of renting and to make the tenants want to come back. There are tips to attract tenants; here are 3…

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Accommodation in Bristol

Bristol is a large city in the south-west of England and a destination highly sought after by expatriates due to its mild climate, beautiful landscapes and dynamic labour market. The city is vibrant, multicultural and offers a rich social and…

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Holday rental, apartments and guest room rental in Brighton

Brighton is one of the most popular cities in Angeterre and there is so much to see in this charming city. Brighton is the gateway to the sea for many Londoners. Over the years, it has attracted wildlife ranging from…

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How to rent your house?

People who wish to rent their house must prepare the property for rent and comply with a number of mandatory formalities. Renting your house begins with the preparation of the property for rental and ends with the preparation of the…

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Why choose a student residence?

The student residence is a type of accommodation with many advantages. There are some things to check before choosing a student residence. These elements include services and location of the site. Accommodation in a private student residence is the most…

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Rules for renting your principal residence

Tenants who do not own their property must obtain the consent of the landlord. Those who live in an apartment must ensure that the condominium regulations allow for furnished rental if they wish to rent the property. The rental of…

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