Office rental: how to keep your good tenants

You have already decided that you want to rent a workspace. This is why we propose to optimize your chances of renting and to make the tenants want to come back. There are tips to attract tenants; here are 3 main tips to retain them. And if you are interested in properties rental, visit for more information.

Focus on a well-organized workspace

The future tenant must feel comfortable in his workplace; he will stay here, hours or even days and can even become a regular tenant. This is why the layout of the workspace is important. This will make it possible to combine the attraction of the place with practicality. The furniture of an office must be designed and placed in adequacy with the surface of the room. It is hard to imagine a room with too much furniture or a desk that takes up more than half the surface.

Improve the decoration

What could be better than an empty and austere office to scare off a potential tenant? A good photo is not enough to rent an office; the space must be well decorated to support the interest of your workspace. You don't need a large investment for the decoration to have an effect. Then, favor a sober and light decoration. We think of some frames on the walls, carefully chosen lamps, decorative furniture etc. Plants bring life to an empty place while adding a few touches of color.

Work on the ad

Simple, punctuated and, of course, flawless sentences are the allies of a quality ad. Then, work on your text, it should be simple, clear and highlight the advantages of your desktop. Show that the latter has a real advantage over the others. You can highlight it by indicating nearby public transport or accessible shops around for a lunch break.
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