How to rent your house?

People who wish to rent their house must prepare the property for rent and comply with a number of mandatory formalities. Renting your house begins with the preparation of the property for rental and ends with the preparation of the mandatory documents to be given to the tenant. Discover through this guide the steps to follow to complete the rental of a home.

Essential point for a successful rental

While some individuals prefer to rent their house through an agency, other landlords prefer to manage the rental themselves. Renting a home yourself or by entrusting the management of the rented property to a professional are solutions that depend on the lifestyle and the time that the landlord can devote to this activity. By choosing to use a real estate agency, to rent your house, you benefit from an expert who takes care of everything: finding tenants, making visits... The disadvantage is that the administrator of the apartment for rent receives a commission on the rents and the client will have to pay him fees.

Different steps to rent your house

Renting accommodation involves preparing the property for rent. To enhance the house, it will be necessary to modernize the housing. This phase must be done before looking for a tenant and publishing an advertisement. Repairing damaged things, depersonalizing the decoration is also part of the steps to be taken before the ad is broadcast. Mandatory technical diagnoses will also have to be carried out. Another important step is to determine the amount of rent. This can be done by comparing the rates charged for similar properties to the dwelling for rent. It will also be necessary to find out whether there are any specific rules to apply to the property. After these few steps, it is time to write and publish the ad. Before preparing the mandatory documents to be given to the tenant, it will be necessary to find a solvent tenant. Among the documents, we can mention the lease contract and its annexes: standard contract, lease contract, detailed explanatory leaflet composed of 14 pages and signature of the inventory of fixtures.

What to do before a first rental of housing

It is important to choose between a bare or furnished rental, main or seasonal residence. Most of the available rentals are offers for main residence and unfurnished. However, depending on the location of the property or its size, we can evaluate the seasonal rental market or be interested in furnished rental. The tax regimes and rules of operation with the tenant may differ depending on the type of rental chosen. It will be necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this type of rental from the first rental of housing. The fact is that it is difficult to switch from one type of rental to another.
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