Accommodation in Bristol

Bristol is a large city in the south-west of England and a destination highly sought after by expatriates due to its mild climate, beautiful landscapes and dynamic labour market. The city is vibrant, multicultural and offers a rich social and cultural life. The city and its surroundings offer a mix of cosmopolitan culture, waterfront living and provincial relaxation. Bristolians have consistently been among the 10 happiest and most friendly communities in the United Kingdom. Bristol offers many housing options, including apartments, houses and studios. The city is more expensive than the northern cities but satisfies various budgets and tastes.

Types of accommodation in Bristol

Bristol offers a wide range of housing, including apartments, semi-detached, semi-detached and single-family homes. Rents vary according to the different neighbourhoods and the type of accommodation chosen.

Finding accommodation in Bristol

Apartments and houses are quickly becoming available and busy in Bristol. The city is currently experiencing a housing crisis. Also thorough research, good reactivity and some proactive steps are essential to find accommodation in Bristol quickly. Do not forget, first of all, to gather all the necessary documents. Also remember to set up e-mail alerts for all the properties that match your criteria. If you are interested in renting an apartment in Bristol, visit for more information. It is advisable to search, at least once a day, on the Internet or in real estate agencies in order to put all the chances on your side. Once you have found the ideal accommodation, feel free to call the owner or agency rather than contact them by e-mail, and visit the place as soon as possible. If you wish to rent the accommodation, it is preferable to confirm as soon as possible.

Where to live in Bristol

Bristol is divided into thirty boroughs, adapted to different tastes, lifestyles and budgets. It is important to find out about each neighbourhood to find the most suitable accommodation for your needs. The table of the most sought-after residential neighbourhoods includes: Redcliff and the city centre Bristol's city centre remains the most popular district thanks to its vibrant social life, its proximity to workplaces and its good transport networks. However, housing can be quite expensive. Redcliff surrounds the heart of the city centre and represents a very popular area, with some new housing on the waterfront being sold before it is even built. Totterdown Totterdown is suitable for very limited budgets. The district is a raised urban village located near the railway station. The area is bohemian, hippy and has many pubs. Totterdown is very hilly and famous for its colourful houses. Nearby is a creative district called the Paintworks, a cultural space for living and working within an industrial property on the riverbank. Clifton Clifton is a large district with many beautiful Georgian houses and squares. The district boasts many cultural attractions including museums and art galleries. The village of Clifton is home to many shops and independent caf├ęs. Montpelier and Kingsdown The district is famous for its bohemian, multicultural and urban atmosphere and is a favourite destination for city dwellers moving to Bristol. The district's breathtaking view of the city is one of its assets. Montpelier offers the same quality of life as Clifton but is considerably cheaper. Kingsdown adjoins Montpelier and is a much quieter district, characterized by its cobbled streets, squares, Georgian houses and impressive views of Bristol. Redland and Cotham Redland and Cotham is one of Bristol's most popular neighbourhoods. Rents are 8.5% higher than in other areas, but it is close to some of the best schools in Bristol. In addition, the neighbourhood has many green spaces, Victorian homes and picturesque subdivisions.
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