International real estate

Why invest in Lisbon?

Lisbon is one of the oldest capitals in Europe with Athens in Greece. It is built on 7 hills and enjoys a mild climate and a cost of living that is among the lowest in Europe. In addition to the…

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Investing in international real estate: the latest trend for Chinese investors

Chinese investors are really interested in Western countries (increasingly). They wanted to consume foreign products and they are starting to invest… priority in real estate. International real estate is very popular in China. Abroad means quality for Chinese consumers who…

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In which country invest in real estate?

Invest in real estate in the island of Mauritius In the heart of the Indian Ocean is Mauritius. This little corner of paradise is particularly known for its prestigious real estate. Indeed, many real estate projects are carried out there…

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Finding a property in Geneva: how to do it?

Finding a location is the first thing to do when you want to start a business. The same applies if you want to move to a city. First, you have to look for the house that suits your needs. If…

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Real estate transactions in Paris: using the services of a real estate hunter

What hinders many individuals or families from buying a home is that they have to spend a lot of time visiting agencies to get to know themselves, visit apartments or houses in large numbers and risk missing the right deal…

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