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Apartment sale: all you need to know about a rented apartment for sale

Are you the owner of a rented apartment and considering selling it now? Here you will find exclusive tips that will help you prepare the sale process well and implement it professionally. Please also note other tips and important information…

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A purchase contract for a house sale: the components of a real estate purchase contract

Anyone who already deals with the drafting of the sales contract for their house or flat during the sales process is usually on the verge of notarization. But beware: it is not uncommon for the sale of a house to…

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Selling property without a real estate agent: typical mistakes you should avoid

Many real estate owners decide to sell their house or apartment themselves – often with the idea of saving the broker’s commission and selling the property quickly. However, great care must be taken here, because things can go wrong without…

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What are the different ways to sell your property?

Because each home is unique, there are many ways, more or less traditional, to sell your property. When you put your property up for sale, there are several ways to find a buyer. In most cases, the sale is made…

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