In which country invest in real estate?

Invest in real estate in the island of Mauritius

In the heart of the Indian Ocean is Mauritius. This little corner of paradise is particularly known for its prestigious real estate. Indeed, many real estate projects are carried out there every year. Luxury apartments, villas, secured residences... the objective of new real estate developments is to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele. For the French, investing in Mauritius real estate offers many advantages. Foreigners are always welcome and all the inhabitants understand and speak French. The same applies to English.

Invest in real estate in Thailand

Thailand is a country that inspires dreams, holidays and relaxation. For French investors, this country has interesting large areas. For the most part, it is the seaside situation that is attractive. And yes, nothing beats a well-prepared retirement in the sun. Moreover, it is good to know that Thailand's rental profitability is very important. In some places, it can even reach 10% per year. Choose this country if you want to enjoy very luxurious housing developments. Moreover, if many French people are at the origin, it is because they married Thai women.

Invest in real Invest in real estate in Spain

If Spain offers great opportunities, it is because in 10 years, property prices have fallen considerably. Indeed, in some regions, prices have been divided by 4, which encourage more and more French people to invest. Rental investment remains particularly attractive, due to the increasing number of tourists that the country welcomes. The most secure places are Barcelona. As for the most beautiful places, they are located by the sea, not far from the beaches of Costa del Sol, Galicia, La Concha and Stiges. These are seaside towns that attract many tourists every year. The rental profitability then becomes very interesting.

Investing in real estate in the United States

Due to its very attractive regions, America is not experiencing a real estate crisis. On the contrary, cities like New York, Miami, Florida and San Francisco have properties that are easy to rent or sell. Some regions such as Tampa, Memphis and Detroit are experiencing a strong economic recovery and are rapidly gaining momentum.   The same goes for Huston, a city that promises good returns in the years to come. For information, this city has recently distinguished itself thanks to the opening of university centers. In other words, the potential for capital gains in the United States is clearly favorable. It is good enough to make a real estate investment profitable!

Invest in real estate in Morocco

In a short time, Morocco has become a leading destination for tourists, but also for pensioners. There, prices are unbeatable and that is why there are no less than 40,000 French people living there today. Between its luxury villas on the seaside and its sumptuous apartments, the real estate market in Morocco is dynamic. In Marrakech as in Casablanca, it is possible to find a property for a very attractive price.

Invest in real estate in Portugal

It is its culture and lifestyle that attract more than 10 million visitors each year. Portugal is also popular for its sunny climate. Real estate prices remain very accessible and taxation is favorable to pensioners. This is a country that is resurfacing after the economic crisis and is becoming increasingly dynamic. In Lisbon, for example, the structures are being renovated. For the French, it is clear that Portugal offers good development potential.
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