What percentage of Realtors use a CRM?


Published on : 09 May 20223 min reading time

The software is meant to allow realtors to manage their businesses from a single platform. The software allows you to manage your business from the office, at home or even on the road since your data is stored in the cloud. There are many Real Estate CRM software packages, but in general, they help you manage real estate leads, contacts, calendar, track lead generation and stay updated about real estate trends.

What Departments Benefit from the Software?

The CRM tool helps real estate agents to manage their business efficiently without wasting a lot of time. The tool provides more value across various departments. Here are some of the core departments that benefit from the CRM tool:
• Realtors and real estate agents
• Real estate administration teams
• Property and client marketing teams
• Sales and closing teams
• Customer service and support teams

Why Have Realtors Ventured into Using the Software

So many realtors have adapted to using the CRM tool because it improves their businesses by sparing time and maximising profits. The software does so by helping in the following ways:
• Getting Leads is Easier

Realtors operate by meeting and interacting with people face-to-face or via the phone. Some have also tried email marketing and it seems to work too. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic things got tough and people were required to interact less. As a result, everyone has to migrate to the virtual space. Initially, realtors didn’t have an online platform to promote their business, but thanks to the Real Estate CRM, they can send monthly newsletters, promotion content and get more leads.

• Following Up on Potential Clients is Easier

The tool also helps realtors build good relationships with their prospective clients. As a result, following up on any client becomes faster and easier. By following up on clients constantly the decision-making process is fastened. The tool does all this through managing the realtor’s calls, emails, SMS and social media.

• Increases the Rate of Closing Sales

The most crucial part in Real Estate is closing a deal. Good software for realtors will effectively support the process via various features such as timely reminders, application deadlines and so on.

• Nurtures Communication Between Realtors and Clients

With the help of this tool, realtors can nurture their communication with potential clients through automation. The tool’s databases facilitate instant pre-set auto-response features to contacts. By doing this, the tool ensures there is a strong relationship between clients and realtors.

So, What’s the Percentage of Realtors Using the Software?

There isn’t statistics that shows how many realtors use this tool. However, more and more realtors seem to be conforming to the idea of using the software in their businesses. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits explained above and the only way to achieve that is by using the tool. It’s an integrated solution for all realtors and its importance can’t be emphasized enough.

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