Selling a property: real estate agent recommendations

You want to sell your property and are looking for a really good real estate agent? Only who can be recommended and who really keeps what he promises? You should know that the recommendation only takes into account brokers who are proven to be successful and have received many positive customer ratings.

Real estate agent recommendation - criteria for the selection of real estate agents

There is a multitude of criteria into account when selecting the right broker. In particular, it is ensured that the broker:
  • regularly sells real estate at your location
  • is very familiar with the location and type of your property
  • has many years of professional experience and corresponding proof of quality (e.g. expert training, association membership, awards, etc.)
  • works very service-oriented (e.g. very good accessibility, energy certificate service, etc.)
  • has often been positively evaluated and recommended by customers.
For an overview of the most important criteria for selecting brokers, see Broker Valuation.

Is the broker recommendation associated with costs or binding?

The recommendation does not entail any costs. On the contrary: the real estate agent evaluates your property free of charge and takes the time to answer all your questions regarding the sale of your property. A local broker's commission is only due in the event that you commission the broker and he successfully sells your property. The recommendation is not binding, i.e. you are free to decide whether you want to commission the recommended real estate agent or not.
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