Who can plan a house?

Which professionals are best qualified to draw the plans of a house? When you want to draw up the plans for your future home, should you call on an architect, a builder of individual houses or project managers? The choice of the specialist actually depends on the nature of the property to be built and the budget allocated to the real estate project.

Improve simplicity and safety when building single-family home plans

The construction of single-family homes is the simplest and most secure solution. This approach allows manufacturers to take care of everything. This professional will draw up the house plans and take care of the administrative and technical aspects of the project. By entrusting the project to this type of specialist, we benefit from a contract to build single-family homes. Where the manufacturer also provides the land, the service provider provides customers with a sales contract in the state of future completion. Contracts have the advantage of being strictly regulated. The client has solid guarantees such as damage insurance, respect of deadlines, firm and definitive price, ten-year guarantee... The realization of a house plan for an individual dwelling is done by choosing among different dwellings present in the catalogue of the specialist in building construction. Some manufacturers offer turnkey projects, which are difficult in this case to modify the slightest detail on the pre-established plan. Other manufacturers offer more flexible plans. The realization of a more personalized single-family home plan is more expensive than a standard plan.

Realize the house plans by an architect

By contacting an architect, you can realize the house of your dreams. The architect allows the construction of houses in accordance with his clients' specifications. The plans, materials and equipment are determined by the customer. The only constraints of the architect's plans are the respect of urban planning rules, technical rules and the budget provided for in the project. When the architect is in charge of a complete mission, he or she is involved on site from the beginning of the project to the handing over of the keys. However, the client can reduce his mission to the realization of house plans.

Make your own house plans

The intervention of an architect is reassuring from a legal and technical point of view. The concern is that the price of the service is quite expensive. You can save money by making your own house plan. The first step consists in establishing specifications by answering certain questions such as living space, basement layout... After answering questions about the future house, we have a basis for the future plan. The latter is based on the volumes, the land constraints, as well as the architectural style of the housing to be built.
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