Investing in international real estate: the latest trend for Chinese investors

Published on : 20 June 20193 min reading time

Chinese investors are really interested in Western countries (increasingly). They wanted to consume foreign products and they are starting to invest… priority in real estate. International real estate is very popular in China. Abroad means quality for Chinese consumers who have too often been disappointed by local products.

If you are a foreign real estate company, now is the time for you to enter the Chinese real estate market! Because, there are several reasons why investing in international real estate has become so popular in China.

Demand for more modern buildings

In China, most of the buildings are very old. The government wants to demolish most of these buildings and hopes that this will be done by 2020.

The increase in China’s wealth level generated by the rise of the Chinese middle class has created new purchasing power. These new consumers want to improve their style and standard of living, which is why they want to invest in more modern and quality buildings with a more international aesthetic.

In addition, Chinese consumers have more confidence in foreign real estate than in local real estate, which has a bad reputation and is rather uncertain. In China, becoming an owner is becoming more and more complicated, which is why investors are more easily oriented towards international markets.

Financial investments

In China, there is a strong increase in the level of wealth. More and more Chinese have financial resources and want to invest them, to secure their money or make it grow.

Foreign contracts are secure and offer many opportunities for financial investment, which is one of the reasons why international real estate is valued by Chinese consumers.

A more secure investment

The Chinese economy is doing well. Statistics show that this increase will continue, so Chinese investors are very confident. They want to invest.

The importance of being a homeowner

The Chinese want to have their own house for several reasons:

1- If a Chinese man wants to marry a woman, he must first buy his own house before he can claim to marry the young woman.

2- In China, traditions are still very deeply rooted in society. Children have to take care of their parents, so it is important for them to have their own home. To ensure their future.

3- Chinese society is one of the most hierarchical in the world. You must show your success to others. If you buy a house, it reflects the wealth of the whole family. The Chinese are very proud of it. In addition, if you buy real estate abroad, in the Chinese hierarchy, you reach the highest level.

4- The suppression of China’s one-child policy increases the demand for a big house. After the abolition of this rule, the rate of Chinese births has increased significantly and as a result, the need for space has increased.

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