Which insurance for the rental of an apartment?

Except for housing located in a condominium, home insurance is not mandatory when you are a homeowner. A landlord must rent his property in good condition. Throughout the term of the lease, the owner of the dwelling to be rented must carry out the repairs necessary to maintain the dwelling in good condition. Only rental repairs are the responsibility of the tenant. For this reason, landlords who rent the property are liable when the damage is caused by a lack of maintenance or a construction defect.

What about the insurance of the rented accommodation?

A landlord who rents his property can simply take out insurance for his civil liability. The insurance for the rental will thus be covered in the case of consequential damage due to a construction defect or lack of maintenance if it chooses as a guarantee the recourse of the tenants or the recourse of neighbors and third parties. Before taking out insurance, it will be necessary to check that the contract is not already covered by the syndic of co-ownership of the building. This type of contract can cover unfurnished accommodation as well as furnished accommodation. Although the insurance contract for unfurnished housing is not mandatory, the owner of the rented property must take out civil liability insurance when the dwelling is in a condominium.

Take out insurance against unpaid rents

The landlord owner can purchase coverage as an owner. The contract subscription varies according to age, professional situation and the tenant's effort rate. This guarantee makes it easier for certain categories of workers to access housing. The landlord is protected against certain risks related to the lease, such as tenant default. In the case that the tenant has a profile that does not allow the coverage to be taken out, the landlord can always take out coverage to protect landlords from the risk of unpaid rents by contacting an insurance company. This insurance covers damage to the house such as fire, water damage, explosion, etc. The landlord may require the tenant to provide proof of insurance before handing over the keys to the apartment. In the case that the rental contract so provides, he has the right to terminate the lease if the tenant is unable to provide an insurance certificate.
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