Home contents insurance: FAQ on the protection of your belongings

Home contents insurance useful for whom?

Household contents insurance is particularly recommended if you have just bought a house and it is completely newly furnished. Here the replacement value of the items is still so high that a new purchase would lead to considerable financial losses in the event of damage. In order to counteract a financial overload, a household contents insurance is therefore of great use. Here the damaged property is covered by the insurance at replacement value. The injured party therefore receives the financial means he needs to replace the destroyed property in the same quality. It can be new things, which correspond to the current market price and are on the newest technical conditions.

Liability insurance and household contents insurance the differences

The biggest difference between liability insurance and a household insurance is that the liability insurance covers the damage caused by one person to another. However, household insurance compensates for the damage caused to you.

What exactly is insured within a household insurance?

The following damages are insured by:
  • Fire, explosion, implosion, lightning strike
  • burglary, theft, robbery, vandalism
  • tap water
  • hail, storm
What exactly is insured? The insurance covers all objects in the household that are movable, i.e. all objects that you would be able to take with you when you move house. For example: Furniture, carpets, books, pictures, electrical appliances, computers, notebooks, cameras, cameras, kitchen appliances, clothing, bags, shoes, watches, jewellery, works of art, antiques or cash. Sports equipment, car accessories, food and pets are also insured. What exactly are valuables and how are they insured? The term "valuables" is firmly defined within a household insurance policy. Often these include:
  • Cash, certificates, savings books and securities
  • Jewellery, gemstones, pearls and all objects made of gold, platinum and silver
  • Stamps, coins, medals
  • furs, hand-knotted carpets, tapestries
  • Art objects such as paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures and collages
  • Antiques other than furniture
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